Restore factory settings XL430-W250-T

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    Restore to factory settings

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    I reduced the baud rate to one of the lowest rates. Now wizard cannot locate the servo.
    How can I reset to factory settings and start over?

In the past, when I got into this type of situation, I just let DXL Wizard scan ALL possible baud rates. Then DXL Wizard will find the baud rate that your DXL got stuck at, then you can reset your DXL to factory settings.

Hello, Thanks for the feedback. I had selected all for the range of Baud rates. I found that the U2D2 Power Hub malfunctioned some how and lost its ability to see the servo’s. I had a back up and plugged it in and the servo’s were located and the baudrate selected 57600 bps was listed as I had set them. Problem solved, defective U2D2… That will need to be another troubleshooting experience.

You meant that the Power Hub went bad or that the U2D2 went bad? Or both? May be one of them is still working?

The Power Hub itself should be fairly sturdy. May be the 3-pin hub is not working? Or may be the 3-pin cable between the U2D2 and the 3-pin hub is acting up?

One option is to use the Power Hub separately from the U2D2, that is:

  1. Plug the DXL into the 3-pin hub on the Power Hub, basically to get it powered.
  2. But connect the powered DXL directly to the U2D2 via another 3-pin cable. And we’ll see what DXL Wizard is going to find or not find.

Yes one may still be working. I did a factory reset on the servo’s and made sure ID and Baudrate were correct at 57600. When plug the four into the Arduino WIFI 1010 and Shield the basic scan does not locate the servo’s.

Are you using Arduino IDE 2.0? V 2.0 gave me problems so I had stayed with V 1.8.19 for now.