Robot mini problem when running!

I have a robot mini, now when running with app robotmini, the robot is have error when work!
When i pick up the robot, it’s work oke, but when i give it on the table robot don’t work and running error. the batterry i was charge full. I think the motor is error in ID 11 13 15.

Please let’s me know, what is erorr, and how to check the motor is oke and how to fix it.

Thanks and regards!

Hello ,

These kinds of issues are hard to troubleshoot on-line. My suggestions are:

  1. Servos 11, 13 and 15 are for the right leg. Leave the Mini flat on its back and use it via the Manager tool (if you are using Windows) - You can read Chapter 3 of my Mini Book via the free Kindle Sample at this link for more details

  1. You should be able to move (change the Goal Positions of) Servos 11, 13 and 15 A LITTLE BIT at a time. If you can, then somehow when you stand the robot upright, some cables may get caught up or loosened up some where? If you loose connections to Servos 11, 13 and 15 when using the Mini App, check the cable between Servo 9 and Servo 11 (i.e. the hip area).