Robotis Bioloid Comprehensive Kit

Hi! I am Yeza from Taiwan,

I am interested in your product, bioloid comprehensive kit. Basically, I need an affordable humanoid robot kit for my research (do not offer me robotis OP, it is out of my budget). But I have doubt in your product. Hopefully, after this discussion, I have no more questions.

My question is, is bioloid comprehensive kit able to be integrated with MATLAB? let say for plotting the ZMP, COM, trajectory, path, etc. Is there any of your customers use it for research? Thank you for your time.

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Engineering kit is the next generation kit that sort of replaces bioloid.

You will be able to control the any of the kits from Matlab see robotis SDK for matlab here

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First, I hope that I understood your post properly. You mentioned ZMP and COM and Bioloid Comprehensive Kit, so I am assuming that you want to do humanoid robot research with this first generation robot which runs on the CM-5? Because the CM-5 sits on its LiPo battery, so this situation tends to push the robot CG towards its rear, so it does not “walk” quite as well as the next generation robot named “Bioloid Premium” based on the CM-530 and with the LiPo hung beneath the CM-530 lowering the robot’s overall CG, so the Premium will be more stable and can even walk faster than the Bioloid Comprehensive from my experiences. Do you have to work with the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit because you already have one?

How do you plan to create the robot’s walking motions? With ROBOTIS TASK and MOTION tools? The Dynamixel SDK does not provide a software solution for MOTION pages with the AX-12s that come with the CM-5 or the CM-530. But the Synthiam Community has some walking gait solutions for the Bioloid Premium (Robotis Bioloid - Compatible EZB Robot Hardware - Support - Synthiam).
The Bioloid Premium’s current price is $1300, and the Engineer Kit 1 costs $1100 at present. The Engineer Kit 1 has a “simplified” humanoid version with no actuators for the knees, nor the elbows. If your research can be done with this lack of degrees of freedom, I would recommend having a closer look at Engineer Kit 1, mainly because of its XL-430 actuators which can be set to Time Control mode which then allows you to program MOTION-like gait solutions using Standard 2-D or 3-D numerical arrays straight via the Dynamixel SDK in your favorite computer language and via your favorite PC or SBC.

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