ROBOTIS ENGINEER and remote control rc100b

Along with saying hello, I am writing to clear up a doubt, which bluetooth module could be connected to the ENGINEERING ROBOTIS, to connect it to the r100b control, is it possible?

Do you have a set of Master-Slave BT-410 modules and/or 1 OpenCM-904 that you can use?
Essentially, you have two possible approaches:

  1. If you have the OpenCM-904, you’ll have the option of REPAIRing the Master BT-410 so that it will pair with the Embedded BLE on your CM-550 from now on (and only to this Embedded BLE). This approach takes some doing and it involves the old OpenCM IDE, but ROBOTIS has made this step-by-step video for you:

With this approach, only the MASTER BT-410 is needed on the RC100-B and it should pair automatically to the Embedded BLE on your CM-550 after this procedure.

  1. In the second approach, you will need to modify a RAM Control Table Parameter on the CM-550 using MANAGER, TASK or MICROPYTHON. It is called REMOTE PORT (at Address 43).

The default setting is for BLE (i.e. Embedded BLE), you will need to change it to UART and then you’ll need to hook up your Slave BT-410 to the 4-pin UART Connector on the CM-550. The Master BT-410 of course stays on your RC100-B.

If you need more details, you can read Section 2.3.3 on my Vol. 1 book for the ENGINEER Kit.