ROBOTIS Official GitHub

Looking for programming libraries for DYNAMIXEL? ROBOTIS offers a full selection of open-source programming libraries to support your project!

Visit the ROBOTIS GitHub at: to explore our range of programming libraries and example code. Some of the libraries you will find on our GitHub include:

DYNAMIXEL SDK: Open source, cross-platform collection of programming libraries that support a selection of the most popular programming languages. Examples included to create control code for DYNAMIXEL using C, C++, Python, Java, MatLab, LabVIEW. DYNAMIXEL SDK supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

DYNAMIXEL2Arduino: Open source library to control DYNAMIXEL from a selection of popular Arduino boards.

DYNAMIXELShield: Open source library to control DYNAMIXEL from standard Arduino boards using the ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino (DYNAMIXEL Shield compatible with Uno and boards with Uno pinout)

Robot Operating System (ROS): The ROBOTIS GitHub features packages to control DYNAMIXEL using ROS. Multiple versions of ROS are supported with development ongoing!