Robotis STEM Bug Fighter Robot

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We are a STEM class that has successfully built the BUG Fighter model using a CM-530 controller.

We downloaded and activated the example program

The model performed well, but one of the participants started pushing buttons on the controller and now we are locked.

Now when we turn it on all we get is a flashing green indicator in the data slot and two flashing red lights. one for the on and off switch, the second for play.

When we push the play button, all we get is the red lights continuing to flash.

Can anybody help us solve this issue???

Congratulations! Can you share some pictures?


Meet “Seymour” He needs a little help now in coming back to life

You can try these troubleshooting steps:
Turn power off
Check all the wiring
Check all the mechanical linkages. Make sure that they are not loose nor jamming each other and /or the motors
Turn the robot back on and check with the Manager tool to see it can still register all the servos used on the robot with their proper IDs and operating modes.
Reload the demo software and see if the robot works again (hopefully).

When you push on the red Mode button. Does the LED cycle through its different modes Manage, Program and Play?