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Looking for more exciting content with DYNAMIXELs, tutorials, and projects with ROBOTIS’ educational kits? Join our team on YouTube and subscribe to ROBOTIS’ channels through our links below! Keep up with the latest content through our channels:

ROBOTIS OpenSource Team:

ROBOTIS Customer Support: Visit our Customer Support YouTube channel for the latest tutorials, guide start guides, projects, and other tutorials for DYNAMIXEL and other ROBOTIS products!

ROBOTIS America: Managed by our team at ROBOTIS America, visit the ROBOTIS America YouTube for the latest content, interviews, showcase videos, and promotions for North, Central, and South America!

ROBOTIS HQ (KOREA) CHANNEL: Curated by our team at our headquarters in Seoul, Korea, visit ROBOTIS CHANNEL for the latest news, updates, and worldwide promotions with ROBOTIS products!