Serial2 on the OpenRB issues

Hi Everyone!
I am pretty new to Dynamixels as a whole, but this question involves purely the Open RB 150

Issue Description

I have been trying to use Serial 2, or the serial port on top of the board to do UART communication to an Arduino Nano (Eventually a Teensy), and I can’t seem to get any messages to send or receive. I have used an oscilloscope on the TX pin of the Serial, and there is no change when I attempt to send a message over it. I have tried this on a second Open RB that I have and the same issue. I have a feeling that there is something I am missing programming wise.

I can currently use Serial 3 to send information to the open RB, but when the Arduino receives information from the open RB, it is corrupted/ or not what I am intended to send. I have double checked that they are both on the same baud rate for communication. ** edit I found the issue with reading the data from Serial 3 was a software problem on the Arduino side :sweat_smile:.

Additional Information/Attachments

Currently I have the code set up to take in a message from the USB port and echo it to the Arduino attached to either serial 2 or serial 3. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

In my Arduino book

The free Kindle sample has lots of information about using all the serial ports available on the OpenRB-150.