Set toque limit servo - OpenCM 9.04 with 485 Exp

Hi all,

I wish to hold the position with a servo motor only up to a predetermined torque. For instance, I’d like keep the position of the servo at 0° if a counter moment less than 1 Nm is applied. If otherwise larger I’d like the servo to allow the rotation while holding this torque.

I’m using:
Servo: Dynamixel XH540-W270-T/R
Control: Dynamixel OpenCM 9.04 with 485 Expansion Board

I found in the Dynamixel_Serial.h library the function Dynamixel.setMaxTorque (L, H) which allow to set upper (H) and Lower (L) operation torque limits. Unfortunately this library doesn’t work with the OpenCM combination.

Question: I kindly ask you to help me to write a function to accomplish this simple task, or maybe there is another way to solve the problem that I have not found so far. I’m considering to use the DynamixelWorkbench.h library, therefore would be ideal to stay in this environment if possible.

Hi @jeremy_wanner,

If you are using OpenCM9.04, you might want to use DYNAMIXEL2Arduino library in the Arduino IDE.
First, install the OpenCM9.04 board manager as written in the eManual below.

Then, install DYNAMIXEL2Arduino library as below.

You should be able to use its API to implement desired feature.
Thank you.