Slamtec RPLidar A1 M8 with Waffle-pi

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    OpenCR1.0, 5v connector to RPI4

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    Launch RPLidar during turtlebot3 bringup

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When launching my rplidar with this launch file:

I get the following results:
[ERROR] [1661897836.925154936]: Error, operation time out. RESULT_OPERATION_TIMEOUT!
[rplidarNode-2] process has died [pid 1134, exit code 255, cmd /home/ubuntu/catkin_ws/devel/lib/rplidar_ros/rplidarNode __name:=rplidarNode __log:=/home/ubuntu/.ros/log/5e49ff26-28b1-11ed-bc80-6b297ff21963/rplidarNode-2.log].
log file: /home/ubuntu/.ros/log/5e49ff26-28b1-11ed-bc80-6b297ff21963/rplidarNode-2*.log

Consistently fails but I would say perhaps 1 out of 100 tries works. Sometimes there is no timeout but the scan fails to start.

Hobbyists do this sort of stuff but it would appear that there is something going on besides power and cabling. Slamtec offers no help so I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this problem with RPLidar? Thanks guys.

Well, what do you know. The power from the 5v connector on the OpenCR1.0 board does not work. The timeout errors occur.

The power from a desktop power supply set to 5.1v and 3.5A does not work.

Both through the GPIO connector +5v and GND pins.

Power from a Pi UPS with 2-18650 li-ion batteries through the RPI4 USB-C power connector works!

Where did you get your Turtlebot3 power scheme? It seems a separate power supply is required for RPI4 and PiCam and Lidar…

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