Speed up the motion of OMP


This is about OpenMANIPULATOR P

Control Environment

running ROS Melodic in Ubuntu 18.04 inside a Virtual machine in Windows PC.

Hardware Description

I’m using official ROBOTIS OpenMANIPULATOR-P with gripper (RH-P12-RN)

Issue Description

The arm can move, but I want to change the velocity so that it can move faster.
At the moment, setting set_max_velocity_scaling_factor(0.1) with a smaller number can slow down the motion, but using a bigger number cannot speed up the motion.

Hi @marian

Are you running the OMP with MoveIt?
If the increased velocity doesn’t affect the speed of the motion, it is likely that it has reached to the max velocity available for the manipulator.
In case of PH series, their max RPM is usually around 30 when not loaded.

Thank you Willson.

I’m running the OMP with MoveIt. I also has a python script to run the OMP.

I have tried to adjust the velocity limit, the acceleration limit in the joint_limits.yaml config file, and also adjust the trajectory values in joint_trajectory_controller.yaml config file. The OMP can moves at a faster speed, but often ended up with precision error and the whole program end. I guess those values in yaml need to be fine tune.

If increasing the velocity doesn’t affect the speed means the OMP has reached maximum velocity, then this OMP does not have a practical price performance value. I still think there’s some numbers need to be adjusted (just don’t know how)…