TB2 Caterpillar track length

I want to rebuild my Turtlebot3-Burger so it can move on rougher terrain. I see the caterpillar tracks TB3 Caterpillar-ICT-01.
When the 40 pieces are connected together, what is the length? I see the turtlebot3 friends - Tank - what is the distance between the wheel axles?
Also, the video shows white pieces being attached to every other tread piece. What part is it - is it on the Tank BOM?

Hello @Meldor, thanks for your post and for joining our Community Page!

The TurtleBot3 “friends” Tank configuration BOM can be found through the TurtleBot3 e-Manual page at emanual.robotis.com.

The white pieces studding every other caterpillar link are “plate” pieces included in the BOM linked on line 11, and are attached with the plastic rivets linked on line 12.

While I unfortunately do not have a TurtleBot3 Tank built, the links in the e-Manual section for the TurtleBot3 Tank next to “Hardware” show complete 3D CAD models of the robot figure. Using the “measure” tool in OnShape, the distance between the center of each wheel is approximately 120.1mm.

Unfortunately I do not have the exact length of the 40-piece caterpillar treads when they are connected to reference at this time. Based on the BOM, it appears it calls for 72 individual links to complete the Tank configuration- at least two packs of 40.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the info. I want the wheelbase to be bigger than that, so I ordered 4 sets.