TB3 Burger - Changed wheel diameter and spacing

I’ve customized a TB3 burger with bigger wheels and a wider spacing. I’ve been trying to find correct instructions for updating the software to reflect this. I asked support@robotis.com and they didn’t know (which is weird.)

I looked for instructions for recompiling opencr and it’s a bit complicated. It would seem that this is such a common modification that there might be a more direct way of doing it. I’d prefer not to mess with the opencr board’s firmware for fear of breaking it.

So specifically:

  • Is there a way configure the TB3 wheel diameters and spacing without recompiling and reflashing to opencr board? How?

  • If I must, where are there clear instructions somewhere for what files to alter and how exactly to do the recompile/reflash process? I work on a Mac if that matters.




I think the reason the ROBOTIS guide you here is to active the community and open the great resource to everyone instead of storing the useful information at their mail box.

Have you ever had a chance to edit the lines turtlebot3_burger.h? I’ve found the wheel radious can be defined in this code. And it seems that the OpenCR Setup is the binary upload which is the same work as the sketch upload. Thus, if you would like to use your own custom wheels, instead of using the binary upload, do sketch upload.

Honestly, not sure if you are required to edit other files, but edit and test to see if the change is affected.

@willson is the expert in this regard. He would give you much informative advice than me.