The dynamixel-workbench no longer comiples

Hi wish to alert Robotis that someone has broken there code, I hope it is by accident.

I agree, I cannot run dynamixels by OpenCR after upgrade.

Hi @Lloyd and @Unver_Ciftci

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Please give me a more specific situation and error message.
Our engineers will respond as soon as possible.


I just installed everything over and now have everything working once more. :grinning:
It was mostly me freaking out, when my slave and master end effectors seemed to stop working.
:hot_face: It seem the slave end effectors can be spun around 180 (dimple up not down) by accident and not show any errors. It simply will not sync and so, just sits there and appears to be inoperative.
(operator error) which is why I tried to re-compile in the first place, but why the workbench went all haywire, i don’t know, my bad i did not follow up.
I just wanted to get back to work, sorry.