Trajectory planning and task planning for Manipulator robot

Hello everyone, I’m going to be working with a manipulator robot that deals with high-order pose and direction control, trajectory planning, and task planning. In the past, I usually used trajectories of either third or fifth-degree polynomials and constant velocity for following position changes during the process, with the direction always being fixed.

How can I generate a trajectory that changes direction while moving to another position throughout the entire process? Could you provide me with some ideas for solving this problem? I’ve searched on Google Scholar and ResearchGate, but most of the information is about mobile robots.

Normally, I often write the trajectory planing code in robot that use polynominal for describre position change with time and then put this output value of position to the inverse kinematic to solve for theta to control robot, with the extend for this trajectory I want to update it to path planning or task planning with the consider about orientation. I currently use Jacobian for computing inverse kinematic.

this may use as a application in Yeecon robot

Automatic Arm Rehabilitation Robot for Upper Limb Neuro Rehabilitation (

It just about method to trajectory, thank you for supporting me !

Let me rephrase your issue in a simpler way to see if I understood your issue correctly or not.

So, your DXL is at Position A, and you need it to get to Position B, so you give it the command to go to Position B. So your DXL is on its way to Position B, but before it reaches Position B, you have changed your mind and you now want it to go to Position C.

If this is the gist of what you want to do, then the answer is “easy”: all you have to do is to issue a new command to go to Position C. The firmware on the new X series (Protocol 2) can handle this kind of transition by itself. I know for sure that that this technique worked well for me in the past with the XL-430 series . And unfortunately I do not have access to more expensive DXLs in the X series, so once you decide on your DXLs to use, you can ask ROBOTIS folks directly about this feature for your chosen DXLs.