Trouble with U2D2 converter and USB camera with opencv on raspberry PI

Bonjour / Hi

I am in trouble with my U2D2 and AX12 on Rapsberry Pi.

a) I use an U2D2 converter on TTYUSB0 without USB camera and everything is OK

b) I use an U2D2 converter on TTYUSB0 with USB camera and opencv;
The camera on videocapture(0) works fine but the converter is not in use and the serialport is not in function so i can’t use it. It seems to be a conflict.

Do you have a solution ?

Thanks in advance

Cordialement / Regards


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Hi Christophe!
Do you have this problem only with OpenCV?

Yes, All is OK when the camera is not in function
The serial port on ttyusb0 for the u2D2 is correctly open and all the function to write to AX12 are OK.

I use opencv, i open the camera with cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) and there is nos order send to U2D2.

See you

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I mean: You’ve checked the functionality of the webcam (without OpenCV) + U2D2?

Yes, the webcam is ok without opencv and the camera is ok with opencv but the U2D2 don’t work when camera is working.
I think, it’s a problem about serial port but i don’t know how to solve it.

One easy way is to use the Linux command “dmesg” inside a Linux Terminal. First, leave your webcam plugged in and unplug your U2D2, and run dmesg. There are lots of info scrolling down but you don’t have to read them now.
Next plug in your U2D2 and then run dmesg again. This time at the bottom of all the information there should a few lines regarding the u2d2 as some kind of FTDI device and it will show which ttyUSBx port it is attached to. I got a hunch that it may be ttyUSB1.

It’s perfect ; unplugged and plug again U2D2 converter and Webcam solve the problem.

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