Turtlebot 3 1st time use

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    Turtlebot3 Waffle Pi

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Dear All,
we have 2 turtlebot3 waffle pi,
my pc working with windows 10,
we successfully setup Arduino IDE and tested OpenCR using switches and Bluetooth joystick and it is working correctly,
we are little bit confused about the rest of the setup,
1- is the Raspberry Pi, initially installed with any software.
2- for normal operation like (topic monitor, or navigation): what are the software needed to be installed in:

  • my PC
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Open CR
    3- how is the communication done between the PC and Raspberry Pi?
    kindly reply as fast as possible
    Many thanks
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This is Yogurt Man

Are you working on Windows? or using a virtual machine for Linux use ?

Seems that you’ve only tested OpenCR, but not TurtleBot3 I guess?

  1. On the Remote PC(my PC) side, you should install required ROS package by following PC setup according to your ROS desired version.

  2. On the SBC side, ROBOTIS started disribution the SBC image which already consist of the basic ROS tools for the user conveninence. For the basic tool utilization(SLAM, Navigation), I don’t think you should do something further than extra package installation.

  3. On the OpenCR side, make sure to do binary upload (opencr_update.tar.bz2) from terminal. There is some issue in that package if uploaded by the sketch. (OpenCR is a subcontroller to communicate between SBC and DYNAMIXEL (Wheel of Turtlebot3), which contain IMU senstor to get orientation of TurtleBot3.)

3- how is the communication done between the PC and Raspberry Pi?

As the Remote PC do the control server. your remote PC will communicate with SBC under the same network service (Wifi). Depending on what version of ROS (Either ROS1 or ROS2), you can launch the built package.

This would be very difficult to explain the concept of running procedure. I highly recommend quick-viewing the Quick Start Guide(You can see it on the top of e-Manual (TurtleBot3 page), from the Quick Start Guide page) provided by ROBOTIS.