Turtlebot3 Foxy SBC Setup Raspberry Pi 4

On Nov 24/20, a new version of the Turtlebot3 aManual was announced, that is an excellent resource for both ROS & ROS2. The 3.2 SBC Setup states its specifically for Raspberry Pi 3B+ using the Ubuntu 20.04.1 Preinstalled Server. (for RasPi). So my question is, that since an image for Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit is available (Install Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi | Ubuntu), can you confirm that the eManual procedure following Ubuntu 20.04 installation steps in 3.2. Step 3.2.5 to install ROS Foxy will work? Can you give an ETA for a new updated eManual?

Hi @red24dog,
You can apply the eManual instructions for Raspberry Pi 4 with the correct Ubuntu image for your RPi 4.
When I tested with my RPi4 2GB, the installation process wasn’t much different from that of RPi 3B+.
RPi 4 instruction will be officially available by the second quarter of 2021 at the latest.
Thank you.

Yea! That is next month . Someone must look like a one armed paper hanger in a windstorm. :joy:

OH My this may help a littlt bit, there is a new ubuntu ros desktop out for the rpi4. Shows support for pi4!

A caution is that this Raspberry Pi image is 20.10 LTE, expiring July 2021. So might be advisable to install the LTE 20.04 and manually install LXDE Desktop.

@Lloyd As far as I tested, Ubuntu 20.04 showed unstable wifi connection with RPi4. It won’t connect to 5G wifi in my lab. Still investigating what the problem is.
@red24dog You’re right, it is recommended to use LTS version as we cannot support every OS versions.

Now in May, I’m interested in the status of availability of ROS2 Foxy image & eManual procedure release? I’d welcome the opportunity to evaluate any beta version for you on my existing “2017” Kinetic release Turtlebot3 to Ubuntu 18.04/ROS Eloquent and 20.04/ROS2 Foxy and I would do a hardware upgrade to Raspberry Pi4 / 4gb. I understand there may be an issue with the Raspicam due no current support for necessary MMAL dependency. I would also be prepared to try any beta Autorace code scripts as I have a small track I use with my current TB3.

Hi @red24dog
Thank you for your interest in our upcoming updates.
We’re in progress of developing latest version of TurtleBot3 which includes ROS2 Foxy recovery image for Raspberry Pi (3B+ at this point, but 4 will also be available soon).
Autorace is about to be released based on Gazebo simulation, and as you mentioned, Raspicam node cannot be used due to the limitation of the MMAL API, but we will be able to use OpenCV to acquire image from the Raspi Cam V2.
The Autorace eManual will shortly be updated and many more updates to come in June :slight_smile: