TurtleBot3 is my "favorite robot"- Here's Why

Hey everyone,

I wanted to create a post to share an example for our new giveaway- and you could probably guess as much but my favorite robot is TurtleBot3!

The TurtleBot3 is my favorite robot platform I know because of its sheer versatility. TurtleBot3 can be made using almost any onboard computer and supports a number of SBC’s, as well as different operating systems and ROS versions.

In addition, TurtleBot3 can be made into a number of different physical configurations to support different applications! Different body shapes, wheel configurations, and more have all been tried out with basic example code available. Check out these different configurations, called “TurtleBot3 Friends” here: TurtleBot3 Friends link

Even as a beginner in programming, I can use TurtleBot3 as a remote control vehicle, SLAM, navigation and more! Being able to run examples in ROS and explore how packages can be used is a great way to learn more about robotics and ROS in general! All these things and the ease of use of the platform make TurtleBot3 my favorite robot so far!


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