Turtlebot3 on ROS Noetic - Raspicam & Raspberry Pi4

Raspberry Pi Camera: Does the raspicam_node (either Debian install or compiled) work on UB20.04/Noetic? If not is code available using OpenCV (or something else) to display the image in rqt_image_view?

Raspberry Pi4: Would the published Ubuntu20.04 / ROS Noetic Debian install procedure support the TB3 stack? Is a Raspberry Pi4B TB3 sd card image to be available?

Hi @red24dog

Unfortunately, the raspicam_node is deprecated and does not support the Noetic as I know of.
I’ve tested the OpenCV and confirmed that it works with TurtleBot3.
Our engineers are working on the eManual documentation for this change in the Autonomous Driving section and you’ll soon be able to see how to configure the OpenCV for TurtleBot3.

We’re working on various SBCs and Raspberry Pi 4 will soon be supported in the eManual including the RPi4 recovery image.

I’ve confirmed that the RPi4 (2GB / 4GB) works with basic operation of TB3(such as SLAM and Navigation), but there are some examples / applications packages need to be updated as RPi4 does not support Kinetic anymore.

Hi, no one is have much luck with ROS anymore, I hope you have a time Frame in mind for a OS that works, as this Quarter is almost gone and Windows 11 is upon us.

I appreciate your response and good to hear of an upcoming release of TB3 RPi3 or RPi4Noetic packages. I presume this will be a operational Autorace not just the simulation that is released now?

I also want to ask about a Foxy TB3 / RPi4 release with operational camera support and Autorace? As we are aware the ROS world is quickly expanding into ROS2 where the TB3 is an excellent small functionally powerful RobotRoss hardware implementation that would benefit from the benefits of ROS2.

I really like using my TB3 Burger for my learning and communities education activities and hope

@Lloyd I’m not quite sure how Windows 11 and ROS2 will work each other. Community seems not much interested in the new Windows.

@red24dog The Autorace 2020 has been tested with both on simulation and on the TB3 under Noetic. At the moment we are planning to provide the Noetic example only as it will be supported by 2025 and porting to ROS2 will be a long term goal that has not been precisely scheduled yet.

hi Will. I have my TB3 up and running on Notice but for the life of me I can not get a camera to work.
Sigh. Do you have any suggestions for some kind of camera that I can install? :grinning:

On Noetic I successfully deployed cv_camera package per the eManual that when running on SBC publishes raw camera data and display image with rqt_image_view on RemotePC. Disregard raspicam installation instructions.

Hi @Lloyd
I’m sorry about the delayed response.
It’s been amazingly hectic and didn’t have chance to visit the community.
The latest RPi4 Noetic image comes with necessary packages to run the RPi cam(previous discussions).
Some of the packages we used to install in the Kinetic is now unavailable, therefore, like @red24dog mentioned, Noetic uses OpenCV library for getting images from the camera.
Though I haven’t tested with various USB cameras, I believe most USB web cams would work with opencv as long as they are assigned with a video port by the Ubuntu OS.