Type of wire used in X4P cable

We are using motors XH-430. And the longest cable you are providing is X4P 240mm. We need to manufacture longer cables because motors have longer distance between them. I cannot find any strand wire (AWG21) that I can use with EHR-4 connector. Can you provide more detailed information about used wire?


Oto Dusek
Y Soft Corporation a.s.

You are right, I could not find 21AWG in the US anymore, so I went 1 size up to 20AWG. How long will your cables be? Maybe you’ll need to look into Comm. Bridge modules also?

Hi, I need to create custom cabling (I also need to add ferrites to reduce EMI on cables), I also have no space for communication bridge.

Thanks for response.

Thank you very much for your question.
I am really interested in this item, as I have the same problem - EMI’s on cables.
How did you solve this problem? Adding the dynamixel bridge in your application? Or adding some ferrites?

I sincerely appreciate your help .