Ubuntu_updates for ROS

Is it me or is the main server for Ubuntu down for all or just ROS kinect?

Hmmm… I don’t see any issues in the status history.
Are you still experiencing an issue with Ubuntu 16.04 + Kinetic?

Yes. It is so odd I can not get a update for Ubuntu ROS Kinect from the U.S. server or any server. I’ll re-install and put it away as a archive because everything was working on the kinect Distro. All the others have issues, “not as much working even this late in the game.” I only see ROS Noetic with all the simulator and slam packages working. I could be wrong I have been before. On a Happy note, what is new this YEAR from the folks at ROBOTIS? I can not say enough good things about you all so I shall stop now. :hugs:
P.S. It works fine on a already installed ROS Kinect system, but if you try a new install it fails. :grimacing:

That’s weird.
I’ll try to reinstall Ubuntu 16.04 + Kinetic on my NUC and see if there’s any issue during installation process.
We’re expecting a lot of changes and updates in this year which will keep us busy, but hopefully we can provide more solutions for developers :slight_smile:
Always appreciate your support and feedback!
Happy New Year and stay safe.

Even more odd is ubuntu 18.04 asks for a secure boot password for a intel NCU and installs just fine.
On a PC desktop/Office computer not a NCU it just wont work.? Something to do with UEFI security and this particular Distro as far as I can tell. I normally stay clear of BIOS settings, but now seems to be a good time I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I hope the word depreciated don’t destroy the whole idea of open source. Maybe Red Hat is still around. Just saying Ubuntu is looking like a dead end road with depreciated at the end of it.

hmm… As far as I experienced with my Ubuntu 18.04 installation on my 8th gen NUC (with multi OS : 16.04, 20.04), it didn’t ask for any password, and installed as I did like 20.04.
I believe I downloaded the AMD64 desktop image from the page below.

I guess 16.04’s EOL is past due anyhow, but it’s EOL was not user friendly, just saying. :upside_down_face:

Right, EOL is a necessary evil to redistribute maintenance resources to support another version that succeeds.