Unable to connect two motors DYNAMIXEL MX-64AT OpenRB-150


Recently, I used the OpenRB-150 with the MX-64AT motors. When plugging in one motor, I can control it within the DYNAMIXEL WIZARD 2.0 without any trouble. However, the problem arises when I connect another motor to the control board. The configuration is illustrated in the image below.


I tried several connections:

  • Connecting both motors to one port of the OpenRB-150 and interconnecting the motors.
  • Connecting each motor to its respective TTL port.

In both scenarios, the wizard fails to scan the board when two motors are connected. However, when only one motor is connected, it works just fine.

Any advice or suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

All New DXLs have their IDs defaulted to 1. If you did not change the ID of the second one to a different number that can be the current issue.

You can load the sketch usb-to-dynamixel to your OpenRB-150 which then behaves like a U2D2 with 1 Mbps max baud rate. Next you can use Dynamixel Wizard to change the IDs (one by one)

Thank you for the advice! I didn’t realize I had to manually change each motor ID. I followed your instructions, and it works perfectly now!

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