Unable to detect servo in cm530

Hello everyone, I tried to connect my servo ax-12a using CM-530, but it can’t be detect by roboplus manager. The Manager just give me text, “if dynamixel connected connected to the controller is not found then try searching again”, but when i try to search dynamixel, the servo still not detected. Do you guys have any solution? :"

Is the component damaged or can I repair it via roboplus?

(sorry for my bad english)

Your AX-12A may need a firmware refresh/update. Do you (still) have the old module called USB2DYNAMIXEL as it is no longer available commercially? If you do, then you can try to follow the steps explained in this YouTube video

Or if you have a U2D2 module then you can try the steps in this video:

The AX-12A is “Protocol 1”, and you also need this special X3P Convertible cable to connect the AX-12A to the U2D2: