Unable to disable overload flag

I am seeking some knowledge about dynamixel servos behavior. I am using dynamixel xh540-v270 servo as gripper for my robot. We often need to hold with it slippery items, without great grip points so we desire maximum torque.
Our issue is that when setting more than 0,8A as goal current (with max current set to 2,7A) I am getting Overload error. From what I have read servos detect stall conditions in which they can't reach goal position, which in gripper solutions is rather normal, when you hold an item you can't probably reach goal position. I have tried disabling Overload Error flag, and I confirmed that it is being set properly in eeprom by reading Shutdown memory address but it still is throwing overload errors. I know that disabling errors might void warranty but we don't care so much because we are using servo in competitive environments where we really need every possible force. Could you guide me what else could I change to disable Overload errors, or is it impossible? We are using torque control mode and I have checked that pwm and voltage limits are set to max value. We are using firmware 44 so it is almost the newest one.