Unique dynamixel identification

Hi there,
we’ve been using dynamixel servomotors in our company for years and we are very satisfied with their performance. We have currently more than a dozen robotic arms and planning to build more.
I’ve noticed that dynamixel servomotors use STM32 micros and the micros feature unique 96-bit identifier. Would it be possible for you to allow reading this identifier through dynamixel protocol.

Our primary use case is to monitor servomotors’ performance, temperatures, loads, etc. in a long term manner. Unfortunately, we cannot use any currently available means of identification as there is only the ID and that is “not unique enough”.

@kysel Unfortunately, current DYNAMIXEL firmware does not support reading STM32 chip ID.
However, I’ll forward your request to development team as you are not the only one who asked for it.
Thank you very much.