Unknown IDs in dynamixel wizard

Dynamixel motors used : PH54-S500-100-R, PH42-020-S300-R

I have a bunch of motors which are all connected to the same port in the baud rate 1000000bps.

I am able to detect all of them in the dynamixel wizard and control them.
In addition to this, I am also able to see many dynamixels (from ID 1 to 255) of protocol 1.0 with unknonwn IDs in the wizard which dont know why.

I am also trying to interface them using the ros sdk and packages.

While trying to detect the dynamixels using the command :

rosrun dynamixel_workbench_controllers find_dynamixel /dev/ttyUSB0

I am getting the following output:

[ INFO] [1687197179.439335571]: Succeed to init(1000000)
[ INFO] [1687197179.439391902]: Wait for scanning...
[ INFO] [1687197187.564114702]: Find 254 Dynamixels
[ INFO] [1687197187.564146092]: id : 0, model name : (null)
[ INFO] [1687197187.564158582]: id : 1, model name : (null)
[ INFO] [1687197187.564167413]: id : 2, model name : (null)
[ INFO] [1687197187.564175753]: id : 3, model name : (null)
[ INFO] [1687197187.564185855]: id : 4, model name : (null)
[ INFO] [1687197187.564195623]: id : 5, model name : (null)
[ INFO] [1687197187.564205301]: id : 6, model name : (null)

I have attached the picture of the output below.

The connected dynamixels are NOT getting detected using this command nor am I able to load the controllers for the motors in the ros interface.

How many DXLs are connected? Will there be a problem even if I communicate one by one?
In the case of protocol 1.0, if RX and TX are short-circuited, the above symptoms appear.
This is because the signal sent to TX is recognized as a response.
Does the interface use U2D2? In the case of products from other manufacturers, RX and TX may be short-circuited.
Or, it is possible that the cable is connected incorrectly, so check it.

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