Update to use protocol 2.0

Hi all. We are using Mx-106T’s and an MX-28T in our project. I updated the firmware on them recently but realized it did not enable protocol 2.0 support on the servos. How do I get protocol 2.0 on these Dynamixel models? The emanual only states to use firmware recovery, but I don’t see any instructions past that.

Hello @radugbhr, thanks for your post and for asking this question! The DYNAMIXEL MX-series models are able to use Protocol 2.0 by uploading an updated version of their firmware based on the updated features of DYNAMIXEL X-series.

The upgrade is performed using ROBOTIS’ free softwares- the MX-series models can be updated by performing Firmware Recovery using either the ROBOTIS R+ Manager 2.0 software or using ROBOTIS’ DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 software.

Personally, I would recommend using DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 as it’s the newer software and, in my opinion, faster. Check out the video linked below for a walkthrough on updating the firmware of MX-series models from “1.0” to “2.0” using the DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 software.