Updates to the excellent ROS book?

Will there be regular online updates to the book to correct errors etc?

We do not provide it yet. It will be updated at certain times.
Do you have any problems? If you have any problems, please feel free to tell us and we will update it.

Yes the x-manulaptor on the tb3 section needs to be updated badly as files and names are renamed or have compatibly issues?

Sure thing, the package name has been modified, but I’m planning to recover the original package in order to keep the compatibility with hard copy materials.

Excellent, did you know that the master, salve program no longer works? You do check some things out now and then after making big changes right? I mean with only like 1 apps and one DOA after making changes that’s a 100% not working.

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, applications usually have lower priority compare to other packages that are critical for basic operation. This does not mean that we will drop this package, but the maintenance may take longer than the others.

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You are paying attention to details! Yea!!. I wish you and yours a safe year!. Oh and thanks for the feedback, I feel less alone now, if ya know hat I mean. :shushing_face:

Lol, same here too. Appreciate your concerns and wishes, and also hope you also stay safe!