Use icm-20648 to get the yaw or the realtime pose

I would like to have some code links in Github or other sites.
I started to use a dynamixel controlling it with an Arduino Uno and a 6-axis IMU. Then, after some research, I chose to buy theOpenCR1.0, which is nice! I am interested, indeed, to track the pose of the board during the power-on session. To achieve that, the integrated sensor icm-20648 with 9 axes can help me, I guess. By the way, I can be very satisfied if you can send me some material/codes to perform a yaw driftless at least. I don’t still want to use ROS. I am using only arduino IDE. Can you help me, please?

I simply uploaded “IMU_Read_RollPitchYaw” example provided by ROBOTIS, and it seems that YAW values barely drifts.

If you need to reduce the drift, Complimentary Filtering would be helpful.