Using VIN Pin on Dynamixel MKR Shield

This is a screen capture of the DXL MKR Shield from the ROBOTIS e-Manual

I am using a MKR ZERO, and one of the Power Option for it, is to use a REGULATED 5V Power Supply going into this VIN Pin (from Arduino web site). And the MKR Zero is connected to the bottom of the DXL MKR Shield in my case. Also I am going to use only XL-330s.

Furthermore, on the ROBOTIS Schematic for DXL MKR Shield, it seems on the Shield, this VIN Pin is not connected to anything - i.e., it is just passing through to MKR ZERO (?) - Am I correct here?

So, my final question (for ROBOTIS Tech Support folks) is that if I use the VIN pin and put 5V regulated to it, and also put the Jumper Cap onto the 5 V Position, I should be able to power the DXL MKR Shield and the MKR ZERO at the same time (and using only XL-330s of course)?

Has anyone in the community using the MKR series and DXL MKR Shield this way yet?

Thank you very much in advance.

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I did try this option out and it worked fine, the 5V VIN did extend to the DXL Shield OK. But now that the MicroUSB Port is “freed up”, my intention was to see if I can hook up a U2D2 to it now, using an OTG cable (and eventually put a BT-410 on it). But Alas! If VIN is used, it looks like that the USB Port is not subsequently powered. Better buy MKR WiFi 1010, I guess!


Well… As you already verified that USB port on MKR zero can not power the U2D2 through the VUSB (One Way only), you might need another board which support multiple serial ports or WIFI shield interacting with BT-410 as wireless mode.

Fortunately, OpenRB-150 benefits the extra ports, and therefore you do not have to trick :slight_smile:


Hope the OpenRB-150 soon to be released.