Using XL330s with OpenCM-904/C + 485-EXP and TASK 3

Just finished testing 1 XL330-M077 and 1 XL330-M288 with this TASK code.

Pretty much standard programming, except you’ll have to use the XM-XH DXL commands and NOT the XL DXL commands (meant for XL320 only, I think).

The XL330s worked fine with this Combo 904-C + 485-EXP, and I made sure to use a 5V Power Supply on the 485-EXP barrel input connector.

The XL330s are using screws and the hole pattern seems to jive with the 6 mm rivet system, but I don’t think that the current DREAM/MINI frame parts will work with the XL330s. So who knows, may be a new robotics system based on the XL330s may be coming out later in 2021? And maybe a new version of OpenCM-904 with more memory so that MicroPython can be run on it?

Hi @roboteer, thanks for your post!
It’s great to see you’ve had some opportunity to use the new XL330 models with R+ Task 3.0, and your testing does bring up a good point- I believe the “XL series” section in the command menu is tailored to the XL-320’s control table.
Now that we’ve added to the range of models available under DYNAMIXEL-XL our team will have to look into updating the labeling there in R+ Task 3.0.

I do not believe the XL330 will fit the current DREAM II or MINI kits as-is. To make the new XL330 more accessible for projects outside of ROBOTIS kits, screws are used as the primary fastener.

I can’t confirm anything about new controllers or kits at this time, but our team is always working on exciting new additions to our product lines! For any upcoming releases, the Community page will be among the first to know.

Seems that you are using the backward R+ Task 3.0

You can use the latest task version,

The image shows that the XL320 and XL/XM/XH series are divided in the list,


Hello @Yogurt_Man,
That is good to know. Your Korean version of TASK is definitely more up to date than the one for the “International” version that I have to use currently (V. 3.1.3 2021/01/21). Which version is your Korean TASK at?

Well, It seems to be a bug,

My R+Task 3.0 is the same version as you,

Hi @roboteer,

Our software engineer is working to correct the English Task 3.0. It will be fixed from the next update !

Thank you !

Also Thank you @Yogurt_Man for your help :slight_smile: