Vel_cmd for turtlebot3 in ROS2


I am using Turtlebot3 Burger for my research project.
In the past I have been using the ROS1 and just recently upgraded my setup to ROS2.
For my research I control the robot by creating a controller node and periodically sending vel_cmd every 20ms.

In ROS1, if the controller is slow and can not fulfill the 20ms window, the robot typically do a move-stop-move motion.
In which I assume when there is no vel_cmd being published the default behavior of the robot is to stop.
However, after upgrading to ROS2, the robot seems to maintain the previous vel_cmd when no new vel_cmd is published.
For my use-case the ROS1 behavior is preferable.

Is there any way to revert the original behavior in ROS1?
If it is, what do I need to do to change it?