Voltage Error Dynamixel MX106

Hello everyone,
I’m having the problem “voltage error” on dynamixel mx 106 motors. I am controlling 5 motors simultaneously with Matlab. The power supply comes from a 12V power supply that can deliver up to 10A. When a motor draws about 1.5 A, the voltage on the motor drops below 9.5 V (the stall current is 5.2A), and I get the voltage error. I am having this problem frequently; I’m moving the motors at low velocity. I have tried checking the voltage from the power supply and it always stays around 12V.

How did you hook up the DXLs with respect to the power supply? Daisy chain one DXL after the others?

This post may be of use to you

The power supply is connected to the SMPS2 where is connected the U2D2 and the first DXL. the other dynamixels are connected one after the other with TTL cables.

In the previously mentioned post @Jonathon mentioned the voltage sagging issue when more than 4 DXLs are daisy chained. You may have to parallelize your power lines into 2 sections of only 2 or 3 DXLs being daisy-chained.