We just learned Bioloid Humanoid Robot, Help us to slove our problem

So me and my friends are trrying to studio about Robot Humanoid, and we just had made our custom robot with servo dynamixel. Thanks too Robotis Dynamixel.

But when we want to try make motion for our robot, we found there’s some mistake that make us stuck. Maybe you can help us to solve our problems. Hopefully we can have a fast answer, cause me and my friends are want to try take a Robot Contest soon in our country.

You can contact me in my number below.
+62 821 9804 8911

Here’s a pictures that show about our problems

Hi there @Airis00Zero, thanks for your question and welcome to the Community Page! There’s a few questions I’ll need to ask to get started with troubleshooting:

  1. What models of DYNAMIXEL servos are you using? (You can browse model numbers here

  2. What controller are you using with your robot? Is it a ROBOTIS controller or another type? A list of the controllers ROBOTIS offers is here

  3. Which software are you currently using? Unfortunately it’s not clear from your picture.

For some basic recommendations that might help, I can recommend the Quick Start Page in the e-Manual.
Based on your responses about the parts & software you are using, I should be able to provide more troubleshooting recommendations.

Hello @Airis00Zero, from the right side of your picture, it looks like that you are using MOTION V.1 (is it with the CM-530 or CM-510?). When the MOTION 1 tool reported such a message, you probably need to check with the MANAGER 1 tool first to “see what is going on” first. It can be anything from a bad USB cable or port on the CM-510/CM-530 or that your controller needs to refresh its firmware.

I have made a few YouTube videos for the BIOLOID PREMIUM Humanoid with MANAGER 1 and MOTION 1, perhaps these videos can help you:



The complete play list for various BIOLOID PREMIUM issues can be found here
Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems - 2nd Edition - YouTube

I made these videos some years back to accompany this book

Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems: Thai, Chi N.: 9783319598307: Amazon.com: Books.