Welcome to Community 'RobotSource'

Welcome to ‘RobotSource’ Community! :slight_smile:

The ‘RobotSource’ community is the space for people making robots.

We hope to be a community where we can share knowledge about robots, share robot development information and experiences, help each other and collaborate together. Through this community, we want to realize open robotics without distinguishing between students, universities, research institutes and companies.

[For Lower Barriers to Robotics Entry]

The robot itself is very interesting and easy to approach, but it is often frustrated at first because of the nature of robotic engineering that encompasses various fields and abandons it because it does not exceed the entry barrier. At RobotSource, we see this as the biggest mission to lower the barriers to entry.

In that way, for the first time, for those who want to study robots, we offer “open lectures” for robot development. Second, we are working on an “open project” with a collaborative approach so that we can create interesting and accessible robots. Third, let make “open platform” together.

RobotSource community wants to lower the entry barriers of robotics through these “open lectures”, “open project” and “open platform”.

[For Robotics Community]

Robotics is a fusion of various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering, control engineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering, and new material engineering. So it is difficult to include everything in one community. But I think we can make a good community if we talk a little bit of interest, explain our project, get advice, answer other people’s questions and build our story. For example, if you try to study kinematics, firmware for robotics, testing, simulation, assembling, SLAM, and navigation, etc., there was not much community, and it was frustrating. I would like to share some of these robots related stories here. Also, as mentioned above, I would like to make open lectures and open projects related to robotic engineering and realize knowledge sharing to open to major, students, and the public.

[For Open Source Software and Hardware]

Robotics Decades later, I still have a long way to go. Why? As a robot developer, I was really a questioner. It’s still a lot of thought. I wonder if the key to that solution is open source software and hardware. Robotics, as I said before, is a complex of diverse disciplines. I have to do it myself alone. It’s not one or two parts to solve. I think the best way to solve this is the open source culture. This is part of the software field, of course. Its typical byproducts are hard to comprehend, such as Linux and Android. Will it be just software? No. Robots are another big corner of hardware. So what you need is open source hardware. However, as you know, robotic engineering is rather closed. I don’t know why, but I am reluctant to release technology. In RobotSource community, I would like to settle on open source software/hardware culture with people who are weak but worthy.