What is the specific JST part number for the 485 connector on the XH540-W150R-R

I have the XH540-W150R-R motor, and I need to spec the wire harness that will be the 485 control cable to the motor. Can you tell me what the exact JST mating connector is? It’s the same one used in the Robot Cable-X4P kit.

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Hi @ben_ryan, thanks for your question and welcome to our Community page!

To answer your question, ROBOTIS provides the information and part numbers for DYNAMIXELs and their applicable cables through our online e-Manual: emanual.robotis.com. The e-Manual features individual pages for each model of DYNAMIXEL, and the connector information can be found under the “reference” section of those pages.

Here’s a link to the connector reference info for the XH540-W150 - for the “R” version, you will want to refer to the column labeled “RS-485”. According to this, the connector part number should be: JST EHR-04.

Let me know if this helps!

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