Windows 11 and ROBOTIS Android Apps

I am thinking of upgrading to Windows 11 and try out ROBOTIS Mobile Android Apps using Windows Subsystem for Android. Has anyone from ROBOTIS got the chance to check the R+m Apps on Windows 11 this way yet?

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As far as I know, the Windows 11 subsystem for Android requires downloading apps from Amazon App Store. I don’t think the ROBOTIS has yet registered R+ app in the place.
I breifly read recent news Android Apps and Windows11: Here’s What You SHould Know, it says, the intel chip translate the app to X86 system, and the Windows 11 natively run this using Intel’s Bridge technology like Rosseta in a Mac. Thus, I guess, this will make the app run, but I am afraid that the image in the app would not support full size of screen. Not sure. I have my Windows 11 labtop at Home, an should check providing Amazon App provides R+ apps.

I just checked, ROBOTIS mobile Apps are not on Amazon App yet. There is a process for this at this link

But I don’t know if you guys have time for another “project” at this time.

Another related question, have you put the regular Windows Robotis Apps on your Windows 11 yet? I mean TASK, MOTION, MANAGER, DXL WIZARD, etc… Any issues?



  1. Please understand, I am not here on behalf of ROBOTIS, but just one of community user which makes me more freedom to support. Any related question on ROBOTIS App, you better directly contact to Thanks !

  2. There is trick to run the Mobile app which is not in Amazon App Store, but it looks like littile complicated :frowning: