Wizard 2.0 with XC430W250T Extended Position

I’m using an XC 430W240T servo with U2D2 and Wizard 2.0.
I can’t set the maximum position limit (48) in extended position mode. The maximum value is 4095.
I read in the e-manual that the multi-turn is equal to ± 256.
What am I missing?
Thanks for your help

The Maximum and Minimum Position Limit values are not used in extended position control mode.

we have this in the e-Manual
where can i set the revolution number ?

You have to set Operating Mode (Addr. 11 - EEPROM area, so Torque Off before you can change it) first into Extended Position Control Mode


Then you can use the Goal Position values between -1,048,575 and +1,048,575 to get the multi-turns that you want.

If you are trying to limit the maximum rotation available in Extended Position Mode, you’ll have to do that in the program you’re writing to control the servos, rather than the servos themselves. As shown on the eManual page for the XC430-W240-T you are using, the servo doesn’t support position limits in Extended Position Mode.

If you are trying to achieve something else, please let me know what it is you’re hoping to do and I’ll do my best to help you find a solution.

it’work, thanks both of you