XC330 M288 current torque graph

Does there exist a readily available resource document for the current torque graph of the XC330 M288 dynamixel motor? I would like to achieve torque control using this motor, but only current control exists. I would like to use the current torque graph to achieve torque control.

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Unfortunately, there is not a readily available NT graph for our 330 size servos.

You can quickly estimate the expected torque as they are directly proportional to one another (meaning that 50% maximum current is ~50% maximum torque), or you can use a force gauge or newton meter to measure the torque/current yourself.

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As the N-T Graph is not available for 330 series, you just need to estimate the approximate torque constant by using the Stall Torque. Although, this is not very absolute solution to the torque conversion, but it can be referenceable.

XC330 Stall Torque: 0.93 [N.m] at 1.80 [A]

Here is the equation
Torque = Kt * I

0.93 [N.m]=1.80Kt [N.m/A]
(s.t.) Kt = (0.6 / 1.8) [N.m/A] = ~0.333 [N.m/A]