XL-320 Connection to the OpenCM 9.04 and its OpenCM 485 EXP board

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  1. XL-320 servomotor

  2. I am using the OpenCM 9.04 board with the OpenCM 485 EXP and a power supply of 12V connected to the OpenCM 9.04.


By connecting the XL-320 to the OpenCM 9.04 and powered by the EXP 485 (thanks to a power supply of 12V), the XL-320 does not blink at all and the R+ Manager Firmware Recovery does not find it. I think it is the output voltage on the socket pin for the XL-320 on the OpenCM board that does not have enough output voltage (I measure only 4.8 V) while the specification of the XL-320 indicates that it should be powered for a minimum of 6V…

How can I avoid a battery to power up and use the XL-320 with the OpenCM board please ?

I am struggling here…

Many thanks !

I am still unclear about your goals so my comments may be a bit off, so apologies in advance.
If you want to use the XL-320s connected to the OpenCM 9.04, you don’t really need to use the 485 EXP, you just need to use two LiPo batteries of the type LB-040 or LB-041. This is what is recommended by ROBOTIS (OpenCM 9.04) .
Or are you saying that you don’t want to use the LiPo batteries at all and just want to use the 485 EXP to power the XL-320s (which you already found out that the 485 EXP does not power the XL-320s at all)? From my past experiences, the 485 EXP only powers the DXLs connected to itself like AX-12/18 or X series, and at 11.1V/12V; I had to additionally power the XL-320s separately with LB-040/041, if I have XL-320s on the OpenCM-9.04.
In theory, but I have not tried yet, you may be able to use a Voltage Converter module to tap into and drop 12 V (on the 485 EXP) down to 7.4 V and use the +/- Pins on the OpenCM 9.04 to power the XL320s on the OpenCM 9.04. @Andrew may want to check me on that :wink:

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