XL330-M077-T Shutdown issue

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  1. I am using XL330-M077-T

  2. I have a opencm-9.04c + Exp 485, 12 V SMPS, Dynamixel SDK with Arduino IDE.

  3. My XL330 has its red light flashing and i understood it needs sw/reset by reading through the emanual. I would like to get help in doing the reset using arduino ide+dynamixel sdk or any form of software.

Thanks in advance.

What voltage is going to the 330XL? They need 5V and I don’t believe they’ll tolerate 12V

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Hello @venkatraman, thanks for your question and welcome to the page! Based on the items you’ve shared, it’s possible the supplied voltage may be exceeding the voltage limit of the XL330 models. Can you confirm the voltage you are supplying the XL330s through the board?

If the voltage is exceeding the XL330s internal limit they will show the blinking red light to indicate “shutdown” error.

Shutdown can be caused by a number of conditions, which are reported to the user via the Hardware Error Status firmware address linked here: XL330-M288-T

In the event 12V was supplied to the servos, we recommend removing that power supply and implementing a 5V power supply if possible.

Let us know if this is of any assistance and we can troubleshoot further based on your confirmation of the above items.

Thanks Andrew. I gave 12V by a bad assumption. But Now with 5V power supply i don’t see red light blink from the beginning but until and upload a read-write code from dynamixel-sdk.

So the light blink once when i power the motor, but when i upload the code the red light blinks as a shutdown issue.

Did i damage the motor permanently or ?

Thanks in advance…

i did use 12V . Did that damage the motor permanently ?

Hi @venkatraman, thanks for your updates and for your question. As XL330 is a newer model, I haven’t had many opportunities to observe its handling of over-voltage events.

Can you specify which example code you are uploading to the board? There are some examples that will turn the LED on and off while the code is running and it would be good to rule out whether the code is running, but the motor not turning.

For some additional suggestions, allow me to tag @Yogurt_Man who may be able to provide additional information in the meantime.



  • Use Dynamixel2Arduino rather than using DYNAMIXEL SDK through Arduino.

#2. In general, providing 12 V to the DC motor would not be very problematic, as DC motor just runs at the given power. But supply exceeding voltage over DYNAMIXEL specification generally ruin a MCU inside DYNAMIXEL. I am not sure which regulator is used in the XL330 series, but I think it could be fine if you supplied 12V to the DYNAMIXEL for temporary time.

Maybe your DYNAMIXEL’s firmware in MCU can be corrupted for the high voltage.

Please checkout if you can scan the DYNAMIXEL via R+Manater 2.0 with OpenCM 9.04. If it’s not scanned, I highly doughs that the installed firmware has gone bad.

In this case, perform the Firmware Recovery for the DYNAMIXEL with the OpenCM 9.04 in R+Manager 2.0.

Note that if you uploaded arduino code to the OpenCM 9.04, you have to do Firmware Recovery to your OpenCM 9.04 first.



Allow me to add and edit my answer #2 above comment.

but I think it could be fine if you supplied 12V to the DYNAMIXEL for temporary time.

Reading the sentence above, it sounds that you can use 12V, but I was meant that the motor itself inside might be still alive. Please note that this is really important to supply proper voltage to the DYNAMIXEL, otherwise DYNAMIXEL gets damaged or does not guarantee its own lifespan.

Thanks for reading.