XM540-W150 Reboots unexpectedly

Hello everybody,

Current System:
Dynamixel: XM540-W150-R
Communication: U2D2
Baudrate* 4Mbps
Powering: DXSharingBoard, 12V 2A adapter
Program: R+ Manager 2.0

From R+Manager, I change the “Goal Position”. If I change the motor position smoothly, the motor is OK. However, if I try to command a significant angle change, the motor moves to that position but reboots itself.

What I tried:

  • Tried “Factory Reset” to see if it is a parameter issue but it didn’t help. (Note that, the “Current Limit” is 2047 after Factory Reset)
  • Tried with another power source and it didn’t help.
  • Checked cabling, etc.
  • When dynamixel reboots, tried to see “Hardware Error Status”, it was always 0
  • Disabled all the “Shutdown” parameters.
  • It was giving a timeout error while rebooting. I also tried reducing the baud-rate

None of them were successful. Please give me some advice. I am not sure how can I solve the issue.


Hello action,

R+ Manager is one of our legacy software products, and is no longer the recommended method for managing DYNAMIXEL actuators. Can you confirm that this behavior continues when using the new DYNAMIXEL Wizard 2.0 management software?