XM540-W270-R - Send packet after reaching goal position?


I’m using a DYNAMIXEL XM540-W270-R with a custom controller, based on STM32F4 and MAX485 interface. Currently, after I send a packet to set the goal position, I periodically send a packet to read current position to see if the servo is still moving or if it has already reached the goal. I would like to set goal position, and then get a packet from the servo after it successfully reaches the goal, without the need to manually read the position periodically. I want the “goal reached” feedback to be triggered by the servo itself, sending a packet after it reaches the goal, instead of me needing to “ask it” avery once in a while what its position is.



DYNAMIXEL Controller:
custom controller, based on STM32F4 and MAX485

Software Interface:


Unfortunately, the specific “goal reached” packet you’re looking for can’t really be implemented with DYNAMIXEL servos, due to the way their half-duplex communication functions.

The closest thing that is supported would be to monitor the Moving Status register and wait for the servo to update once it’s arrived at the goal position.

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