You can connect LB-041 & LBB-041 to Arduino MKR

MKR has a connector for LIPO, So you can connect LB-041 & LBB-041 to it.
But, You need to modify the LB-041 Cable (Robot Cable-2P for Battery Box (150mm)) to cross.


(2021-08-19 Addendum)
Swap polarities (crossing) of one connector as below image.
If you do not make this modify, your MKR will heat up. There is a risk of failure.

Li-ion Battery 3.7V 1300mAh LB-041 (Link)
Li-ion Battery Charger Set LBB-041 (Link)

Hi @shiba_8ro, this is great to see and would make it very convenient to power the Arduino MKR!

For my clarification, did you have to change the polarity of the LBB battery cable? I actually tried with mine and it seems to be reversed:

Instead of powering the board, it just gets hot :upside_down_face: . I am under the impression this is a stock battery cable. I have two test units that match, too.

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You’re right. Thank you for pointing out.
I asked our intern who did this test, he said he had swapped polarities of the cables.
Very important information was missing :fearful:
I amend my post.

I have smoked up boards in the past from this problem. Although many dev board manufactures use this connector and many 1s lipo manufactures use this connector there isn’t a standard polarity :frowning:

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@Andrew @Out_of_the_BOTS
Thank you for pointing out. I modified my master post of this thread.

Hi @shiba_8ro, that makes sense and is understandable. Thanks for editing the post to add in the extra information! I was just confused that I had somehow not wired mine correctly or somehow found non-standard cables.

Based on this discussion, it could be a useful basic tutorial idea to show how users can re-pin their cables if needed for custom projects :slight_smile: