3D printable Robot Hand and Tactile Sensor based on Air-pressure and Capacitive Proximity Sensing

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Project Description:

KIMLAB has introduced a three-fingered robotic hand equipped with soft tactile sensors to enhance grasping capabilities. This innovation utilizes cost-effective 3D printing materials for robustness and operational efficiency. The robotic hand can detect interaction forces and proximity to conductive objects due to the integrated sensors. The production process, streamlined by the use of 3D printed components and six DYNAMIXEL servo motors, costs less than $370 per hand. The development of this robotic hand is part of the “Superhuman Multimodal Sensing for Manipulation” project, funded by the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). The work will be presented at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2024) in Yokohama, Japan.


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