Adding joints to OpenMANIPULATOR-X

Hello community!
I am working on a research project and have been tasked with using the OpenMANIPULATOR-X as a basis for a higher DoF robot by adding in Dynamixels and links. We plan to do custom IK and trajectory planning with MoveIt. My question is, how feasible is this endeavor, and what all files will need to be modified/rewritten in order to make this work? At the least I’ve identified the following files which will need to be modified in the ROS workspace (to use with MoveIt)
/src/open_manipulator_controls/open_manipulator_controllers/config joint_trajectory_controller_gazebo.yaml
/src/open_manipulator_controls/open_manipulator_controllers/config gravity_compensation_controller.yaml

Any further advice or resources on this would be appreciated.


Hi there @calred, thanks for your question and welcome to our Community Page.

Regarding the upgrades/addition to the OpenManipulator-X, you are correct that a number of files would need to be modified with data regarding the new linkage.

To review our list of libraries used for the OpenManipulator-X, I highly recommend visiting our GitHub page (OpenManipulator repository linked). This may help to get a better idea of the referenced resources.

For more information on the edits that would need to be made, allow me to tag @Yogurt_Man & @willson for more specific guidance.

Hello @calred, @Jonathon was there any important update on this topic that you could share? Thanks!