Amazon AWS RoboMaker resources for TurtleBot3

Hey everyone, I thought this would be interesting to share!

Amazon’s AWS RoboMaker is a service offered by Amazon to enable users’ robotics applications by extending the ROS framework with additional cloud services. Cloud services offered include everything from machine learning to analytics and services provide a host of tools curated by Amazon to assist in development and testing.

Want to learn more? Check out How It Works

AWS RoboMaker supports TurtleBot3 for testing and deployment of applications. This means you can develop your project using AWS RoboMaker and test / gather data running your algorithm on TurtleBot3! See below for information on getting started.

I think services like AWS RoboMaker here are shaping up to be a large influence in robotics development moving foward- just as streaming services have displaced cable, I’m interested to see how these platforms develop in the robotics industry. Has anyone here used AWS RoboMaker in the past? Share you experience! What do you all think of services like these?

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