Apply PID Controller Gains to OpenManipulator-X


I want to apply PID gains for each of the XM430-W350 Dynamixel servos on Open-Manipulator-X. I am able to configure the PID gains by using Dynamixel Wizard 2.0. However, I can’t seem to apply it.

I have stored the PID gains as backup in EPROM and changed startup configuration setting in EPROM so that it loads the PID gains every time the arm is powered on. This works until I run open_manipulator_controller package which resets the PID gains back to their previous values (No integral gain, fixed value of P gain set to 800, no D gain).

There’s no code in open_manipulator library that allows me to configure PID gains on actual hardware. Ideally, I would like to set my preferred constant PID gain values when initializing Dynamixel actuators. Is there any piece of code available that achieves this?

Online search suggests that I need to write PID gain values to specific addresses. For example, position I gain has the address 0x03E8. But I cannot find any function in open_manipulator library code that allows me to write this value.

How should one go about resolving this? Thank you.