Arduino-MKR-based Home Service Robot with Wrap-around Arm!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share this video from YouTuber James Bruton featuring one of his latest projects which was based on DYNAMIXEL! The project uses DYNAMIXEL X-series controlled by the DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino MKR Series to create an at-home service robot with an arm designed to wrap around for compact storage.

I think the walkthrough does a fantastic job of explaining some of the features and uses of the hardware, as well as showing some of the work that goes into planning a robot project like this!

Hey all,

I just wanted to share the latest video in the series for this robot- released yesterday. This goes more into details of the overall system and ROS integration. Check out the video below!

I’m excited to see the finished robot and what it will be used for! Let me know what you all think- what would you have your home robot help with?